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Applet Greetings

Life's Greatest Gifts

Book about Friends


It's a beautiful day

Thanks for being such a good friend

The best things in life

A very special friend

May your day be filled with

Our Friendship

God's Artwork

When God created fathers

Bridge of Friendship

Who we are


A heart full of wishes

A heart full of wishes
Non Java

Roses for you  

A miracle called friendship

You give me

Irish Blessing

Being with you

I Love you

To Mom's

I Love You

Friends like you...Thank You

With love this wish is sent your way

May every new sunrise


  A Rose for you

Moment in time


Lord help me remember

In this difficult time

You are in my thoughts and prayers

This little greeting

Love is like a butterfly

Don't go to bed

Believe in your heart

Dear Friend

Life's tug of war

I ask God to bless you

The important things in life

Teddy Bear

Some people come into our lives

This Special Bond

Friendship is a blessing

I am responsible for myself

Friendship never ending

The Pebble


The song in my heart is you

Lots of Kisses




Fireworks Display


Baby Congratulations





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