Friendship Never Ending




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Friendship Never Ending

Writing, sharing tales with you
Our thoughts in words coming to life
Reading the lines as they speak
We begin to know each other deeply
Enjoying this friendship with you I found
Has brought my inner self to light

Getting deep within our thoughts and feelings
Sharing cheerful stories our emotions reeling
With you I have found a comfortable friendship so true
Loving the time spent getting to know you
Sharing strength and hope in each other's life
Common goals bringing us together in time

Being here when you need a shoulder
Through the good and the bad
Giving you my advice on questions asked
Whether it may help or not, lending an ear
who also listens to my troubles and woes
It's always nice to have someone near

Your warm hugs and big smiles you share
Have brought me so much sunshine and care
Embers of your heart I hold close
Your friendship radiates and touches my soul
Whether near or far away
Your sweet touch always start my day

Words cannot express these feelings I have inside
knowing you, I've found a lifetime friend
The joy and happiness to me you've given
You'll always be one of the most
Caring and kind People I know
Praying and hoping this friendship will never end

Finding something in you
Feeling that it will be forever true
Making our lives more special and real
Something unexplainable, yet so easy to feel
Memories that will last a lifetime and more
A special friendship like I have never had before

Kegers and RaineyBlue1969


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Midi "Shooting Star"
 is used with permission
and is copyright 2000 Geoff Anderson


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