To My Daughter on Mother's Day




To My Daughter on Mother's Day

Little handmade gifts
Multicolored handmade cards
Made with love from your heart
All saved in a special place
Thoughts of these always put a smile on my face
I watched you grow from a baby in my arms
To a toddler, and a young child, and to teen with special charms
I miss those days when I could heal all your hurts
With just a kiss and a hug, and maybe a new shirt
I just want you to know
To a woman you have grown
And I admire all that you have accomplished in life
Even though I still miss the other times
I see you now a mother too
Sharing your love and wisdom with your children
As I did with you
My baby girl now a mother and a wife
Living her own life
I had to let you go into the world
But you will always be my little girl
So on this Mother's Day, I want you to know
I am proud of you and the mother you are today
As I am always
I look in the mirror and it is your face that I see
I watch you and it is my actions that I feel
You have become a lot like me
A mother that shares her love in so many ways
To you, my special daughter, Happy Mother's Day
And I know whatever path you decide to follow
My imprints are left in your heart and in your soul
Always remember you are a treasure in my life
Your smile will always be my sunshine
You are the love that rests inside of me
A mother's love always last an eternity
A mother's love is unconditional and complete
Remember you will never be alone
For in your heart I will always have a home
Happy Mother's Day, to my daughter
May all your wishes and dreams come true
From the mother who will always love you




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