I Love You Mom!




Mom... I know I haven't always been the best ...  know I gave you a lot of trouble growing up...
and I have probably given you more gray hair...
than you would like anyone to know about.

 I probably don't tell you often enough...
just how much I love you...
and appreciate you....
I am thankful for all you have done for me.

Throughout my life
you were always there...
in the best and worst situations.
You were there in my happiest times,
sharing my joy.
And in my hardest times, sharing my pain.
 And holding my hand.
Offering a hug...like mothers always do.
You try your best to give me
the encouragement I need.
You have always talked to me
about my complicated situations,
trying to make sure that I know what I really want,
before I jump right into something
without considering the consequences....

You are not only my mother...
You are my best friend.

Author Unknown

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