I wish you love this Mother's Day
With joy beyond compare.
I pray that God, each and every day,
Sends His tender, loving care.
No mother could be prouder
Than I am of you today.
You've turned into the lady
I prayed you would be one day.
 You're a wonderful wife and mother who
Guides her children with loving hands.
Whenever they have a problem,
They know you will understand.
Though your days and nights are busy,
You always find the time,
To worry about your dad and mom
And make sure that we are fine.
Should I only say one prayer today
I know what it will be.
I will thank our Heavenly Father
For the daughter He gave to me.

©Gloria Martel
Gloria's Glen

Used with permission



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Original Midi
"Choirs Of Angels" 
 ©Mary Hession
Divine Inspirations
Used with permission



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