Love You Mom




Love You Mom

You washed and ironed and cleaned and cooked
You worked yourself to death
By the time that bedtime came
You were totally out of breath.

Never time for hair doo's
Or pedicures and such
The days were filled with cleaning
You stayed completely out of touch.

Never once in all these years
Have I heard you complain one time
Your heart was big and full of love
Yes, a Mom so sweet and kind.

I'd like to give you a great big car
Or a house with a built in maid
You'd still walk around with a broom in your hand
The idea would be hopeless I'm afraid.

So let me say this much sweet Mom
No one could be as dear and sweet as you
I pray each day is blessed with love
And a special Mother's Day too.

ęGinny Bryant



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Margi Harrell



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