Happy Birthday Jesus




Happy Birthday Jesus!
Momma said that you was near
and that you had a birthday
this time every year.
She told me how you listen
to every word we say
and that you hear calling
in the night or in the day
She explained how bad they hurt you
those awful naughty men,
but said you let them do it
for girls like me back then
She said about the manager
they took and put you in.
I'd let you have my blanket
if I was there back then.
She said that you are watching
everything we do
Her and daddy and granny
and our new baby too.
I liked when momma told me
of how you healed the lame,
and that they didn't have to have
 any wealth or fame.
She told you was so awful good
And then she made me cry
She said they nailed you to the cross
they wanted you to die
She said that you forgave them
cause you were dying for our sins
And then it made me happy
when she you came back again.
Momma said that Christmas is what we celebrate
because on that day you was born
So I hope I'm not too late
to wish you a
Happy Birthday!
And dear Jesus I'll be true 'cause
Momma says if I was good
you'd let me live with you!

Little Cindy 1959

Thanks Pam for sharing this awesome wav

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