"Do you like my dress?" she asked of a passing stranger.
"My mommy made it just for me." She said with a tear in her eye.

"Well, I think it's very pretty, so tell me little one,
why are you crying?"

With a quiver in her voice the little girl answered.
"After Mommy made me this dress, she had to go away."

"Well, now," said the lady, "with a little girl like you waiting
for her, I'm sure she'll be right back."

"No ma'am, you don't understand," said the child through her tears,
"my Daddy said that she's up in heaven now with Grandfather."

Finally the woman realized what the child meant,
and why she was crying. Kneeling down she gently
cradled the child in her arms and together they
cried for the mommy that was gone.

Then suddenly the little girl did something that the woman thought
was a bit strange.
She stopped crying, stepped back from the woman and
began to sing.

She sang so softly that it was almost a whisper.
It was the sweetest sound the woman had ever heard,
almost like the song of a very small bird.

After the child stopped singing she explained to the lady,
"My mommy used to sing that song to me before she went away,
and she made me promise to sing it whenever I started crying
and it would make me stop."
"See," she exclaimed, "it did, and now my eyes are dry!"

As the woman turned to go, the little girl grabbed her sleeve,
"Lady, can you stay just a minute? I want to show you something."

"Of course," she answered, "what do you want me to see?"

Pointing to a spot on her dress, she said,
"Right here is where my Mommy kissed my dress, and here,"
pointing to another spot, "and here is another kiss,
and here, and here,"
"Mommy said that she put all those kisses on my dress
so that I would have her kisses for every boo-boo
that made me cry."

Then the lady realized that she wasn't just looking at a dress,
no, she was looking at a Mother...
Who knew that she was going away and would not be there
to kiss away the hurts that she knew her daughter would get.

So she took all the love she had for her beautiful little girl
and put them into this dress, that her child now so proudly wore.
She no longer saw a little girl in a simple dress.
She saw a child wrapped...
in her Mother's love.

 Written by Winters Child


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