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Short sentiments

For your friendship

The best things in life...Java May your day be filled with...Java
The best things in life...Non Java May your day be filled with...Non Java

Song in my Heart

A special note

Friends like you

A Friend

With a friend like you

From your corner of the world

Someone wants to make you smile Swingin’ by to say hi

What is a friend


Thanks for being such a great friend

Thank You my friend

Thanks Friend

A Rose for you...

Thank You

Thank You Friend

A Rose for you...
Non Java

"Thank You"

You've given so much of yourself

Life’s a lovely song and dance


I offer thanks


Thinking about you today

Hugs and Kisses

This little greeting...

This little greeting...
Non Java

Just for you

I've been thinking of you

Friends like you

For You

Thinking of you

Wishing You

I hope your day is as special as you are

Some people just brighten my day

A Special Rose

May your day

Never forget how much you are loved

I wish for you

I wish you as much

You are the sweetest

With love this wish is sent your way...Java

With love this wish is sent your way...Non Java

May your day be filled with

Have a special kind of day

Have a Purr~fect day

You are Special...Flash

Thanks Friend
Microsoft Agent

No bones about it

You're Toad~ally awesome

Have a Tigger-ific Day

Hey, my tweet friend

I'm toad~ally in love with you!


Big Hugs

Have a Purrr-fect day

Have an utterly fantastic day

Sending lots of smiles and sunshine

If I had a star for everytime

Have a GREAT day
Java Script

Thinking of you
Java Script

Have a "Beary" Happy Day
Java Script

Thinkin about ya

Thinking of you

I hope your day is wonderful
Java Script

Thinking of you warms my heart

You're Tweet

Non Java

No particular reason

Toe-taly Awesome

Thinking of you

Just knowing you are there

Wishing you a perfect day

Thank You...For being there

You are on my mind

I miss you

Sending you really big hugs

Can you do me a favor

Hello to a special friend like you

Sending fairy wishes

Just bouncin' by
...Java Script

A smile straight from the heart

Have a good day...Java Script

Just bouncin' by
..Non Java

Have a good day...Non Java

Friends Forever

I love you
...Java Script

Have a terrific day

I love you...Non Java

Thinking of you

Thank you for being you

Have a bee-ootiful day!

Have a great day...Creddy

We're only memories apart

No clownin' around

Wanted to send you these smiles

Great big hug from a friend

Thank you for walking beside me

May your day be as special as you are

Thank you for putting a smile on my face

You are loved!

Thank you for being an angel to me


Every day has a new beginning

Thinking of you today

Wishing you a day

Have a toadally unfrog-etable day!

Heart full of friendship

Thank God for blessing me

Harvest of Blessings
Java Script

Harvest of Blessings
Non Java Script

Wishing you a beautiful day

Just for you

Have a terrific day!

Lots of love and hugs

I can't imagine...

Thinking of you

Thank Heaven

Thinking of you

God Bless You

May you cup be filled with...

Have a GR-R-R-Reat day

You make me smile!

Calling on you

Friends are the greatest

You were on my mind

Have a wonderful day
Java script

You're a Godsend

Some bunny loves you

Have a wonderful day
Non Java

You're beary special

Thoughts of you

Your friendship brightens my world

Wishing you a wonderful day

Hope your day goes right

I don't like to brag

Eggs-tra Special Day

What would I do

Fun kind of day

Thank you for being such an angel

Thank you for being my very special friend

I think your purr-ty wonderful

Have a Terrific Day

Time for a coffee break

Wanted to tell you..Have a great day

Honey of a friend

Hope you have a
 toe-rific day

Your friendship warms my heart

Your love warms my heart

May your angel

Rainbow wishes

Bee-u-tiful day

I'd love to share this coffee

Good friends are like angels

You've touched my heart

This little hug

I'm not lion

Filled with wishes

Here's a hug

My life is so blessed

Beauty of friendship

Swingin' by to say hi

You've been an angel from the start

Purr-fectly wonderful YOU

May your special angel keep you safe

Some call it luck


May your birthday be as special as you are

Eggs-tra Special Birthday


Artist Bear

I love you

Have a terrific day

You color my world

Sending you showers of:




Warm Wishes


Get Well

"Beary Special"

Wonderful friend

You are

I'm not "Horsin" around

I Love You

You're the best

Hope you have a terrific day

Don't want to bug you




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