Forever I will Love You



Forever I will Love You

Laying here with the window open
Feeling the breeze
The hall light left on
Casting a shadow of you
As I lay here with my thoughts of thee
I feel you hovering above me
Hearing your voice as you begin to speak
You are never alone because I am always with you
In heart, mind, body and soul
You are the one I love, the one need, I hear you say
And I begin to answer
Yes, and you are the one I love, the one I need
And together we shall never be apart,
Not even in our dreams
I believe God brought us together for a reason
Not just a season but for a life time
And we'll share a love that's only meant for us
So whether we share our words
With paper and pen
Or together in person
It was meant to be I truly believe
And I thank God above for you
And the love we share
Being together everyday
Showing in everyway how much we both care
And for you, the love I have will continue to grow
As I send it in a poem to show
You are all my dreams come true
And forever, I will love you

Robert Small




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