My Special Valentine



My Special Valentine

Coated with sugar and lined with loving words
Sweetened treats that can be read, and heard
Little hearts of pastel, colors of the rainbow, too
Send from me with love, to you
Chocolate covered cherries that taste so fine
Hoping that you will always be mine
Cards of red with floating hearts and smiles
All the wonderful things for a special Valentine
Strawberries dipped in chocolate delight
Heart shaped words and smiles
Sending love at home and across the miles
Dinner for two by candle light
Something frilly and lacy for later in the night
Hand in hand couples walk along
Cupid's arrow aiming strong
It is a time not be alone
Love blossoms on Valentine's day
With hugs and kisses coming your way
Little notes of I love you
Will you be mine
Lets spend the evening together, just us two
You are my special Valentine
Words from the heart written in rhyme
Thoughts of you, my wonderful Valentine
A day for lovers to be
A day special for you and me
In my card I write for you
Thoughts so tender and true
You are special in my life
Will you be my special Valentine




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