December is to me


December is to me
All that it should be
Full of love and warm memories
As the winter winds turn blustery cold
I feel a warm crackling fire with the loving memories I hold
With these emotional recollections that dwell in my heart and soul

When I drift back and close my eyes
I can almost smell the sweet fragrance coming from grandpa's old pipe
Mixed with the aromas of grandma's kitchen as she bakes her special pies
Getting lost in the warmth of home when I was a child

Putting on a heavy winter coat
As off to the woods me and grandpa would go
Searching for just that one special tree
Knowing exactly where it would be
Popping corn, and stringing cranberries
All these heart warming memories
Is what December means to me

Staying up late, creating, sewing and baking gifts to share
With just the right touch of down home care
Apples, oranges, nuts and hard candy
Finding Christmas stockings stuffed with these dandies
Christmas wasn't all about buying and shopping
It was a time for family and friends giving and sharing

Sitting around the fire talking of old times
Grandpa searching for the jolliest stories stored in his mind
A time to live, a season to give
Sharing the warmth and remembering the birth of our Christ
Singing carols gathered around the old piano
Feeling the love and warmth down deep in your soul
That is what December is to me
Heartfelt, warm loving memories

Written from the warm memories stored in my heart and mind.

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"Golden Ray
©Mary Hession
Divine Inspirations

Used with permission


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