I am responsible for myself



I am responsible for myself.

I am responsible
for living my own life.

I am responsible
for tending to my own
spiritual, emotional, physical,
and financial well-being.

I am responsible
for identifying and fulfilling
my own needs, wants and desires.

I am responsible for
living according to
my own values and standards.

I am responsible for
knowing and defending
my own boundaries.

I am responsible for
solving my own problems
and for living with those
I cannot solve.

I am responsible for
making up my own mind,
even when this means
disagreeing with others.

I am responsible for
reevaluating a situation
and changing my mind
when appropriate.

I am responsible for
setting my own priorities
and for achieving my own goals.

I am responsible for
my own decisions,
and their outcomes.

I am responsible for
whom I love
and for how I choose
to express that love.

I am responsible for
what I do to others
and for what I allow others
to do to me.

I am not expected to be perfect.

I am not expected to foresee
every consequence
of every action.

I am not expected to be
responsible for random events.

I am not expected to do
more than my fair share.

I am not expected to be
responsible for other people's
actions, feelings, needs,
or problems
except when I so choose.

All of me,
every aspect of my being,
is important.

I count for something.

I matter.

My feelings are valid.

My thoughts are appropriate.

I trust and believe in myself.

I value my wants and needs.

I have rights
and I am expected to
stand up for those rights.

I do not deserve,
and will not tolerate,
abuse or constant mistreatment.

The decisions I make
and the way I conduct myself
will reflect my high self-esteem.

I am unique and special.

Within me is infinite value.

I am me.

1993 Angela Dawn Christie
Angela Wrote This Poem When She Began Her Recovery In Life.
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