The Reason of the Season  

The Reason of the Season

Tis that time of the year
When all come together with loved ones
Near and dear
To exchange gifts from our heart
To laugh mingle and smile
As we all open our presents
With Christmas cheer
Watching the kids in awe
As they get what they wished for
But, lets not forget the real reason
Tis the season
To celebrate the Birth of Jesus
Who died on the Cross for us
Smiling facing in the crowds abound
Snow falling gently to the ground
Lights of red, green, and blue
Signs of Christmas through and through
Children with their Christmas lists
Waiting to tell Santa to bring gifts
With the hustle and bustle of the season
Sometimes forgetting the real reason
A precious baby was born on Christmas night
Coming into the world to bring us light
Showing us a love that only He could bring
Saving us all was His journey and dream
So as the season of joy comes again this year
In our hearts He will be near
As families gather to celebrate the season
Let us all give thanks to our many blessings
Let us all not forget the real reason

Written and Dedicated to the Reason
ŠKegers and RainyBlue



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