Place for Me

A Special Place For A Special One

I have a special place in life,
that no one else can feel.
A certain task God has for me,
that needs my humble skill.

I have a special place in life,
a goal I must attain.
A road I must follow,
and can't come back again.

There is a mark only I can leave,
however small it be.
A legacy of love for those
who follow after me.

I have a special place in life
that only I may share
A special road that bears my name,
awaiting me somewhere.

Tiny hands that I must hold,
and guide along the way.
A smile to give a word to say
and tears to blot away.

God has a special place for me
that only I can fill,
and His loving arms surround me
as I seek to do his will

There may not be a tomorrow
and the best wish is yet to come.
For when my task on earth is done,
God has a special place for me.

Your loving Mother

Fodie G. Warren from Hartsville, SC
Used with permission

Written for her twelve children
Grace, Betty, Elbert, Gearldine, Carolyn, Barbara, Jimmy, Linda
Brenda, Debra, Kenneth, Donna





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Midi "In the meadow" is used with permission
and is copyright 2004
Bruce DeBoer


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