Seasonal Thoughts


Seasonal Thoughts

Everyone full of Christmas cheer
Wondering what will it bring this year
Some happy some sad
Having and needing their loved ones near
Family that's close by is nice
But, ones far away just hearing from them
Can make us happy and glad
It is the time of the year to feel family near
Finding just the right card to say
Missing you and wish you were here
Words and thoughts full of glee
Sending out to the ones far away
To family and friends  that are far apart
Making sure they know they are in our hearts
Wishes are sent from home to home
Bringing smiles to ones that feel alone
Family and friends we haven't seen in years
Coming and getting together this time of year
Hi and hello, it's great to see you again
Filling our hearts with hugs and love
Sit down and tell me how you've been
Seems just like yesterday you were at home
My goodness how the kids have grown
Christmas goodies and Christmas treats
Wishes, hopes, faith and dreams
Coming around each and every year
Feeling the memories of past Christmas' near
Remembering the ones that are no longer here
Feeling them close this time of the year
Telling stories of the old times
Enriching the young children's minds
Never forgetting the family traditions of the past
Making each and every Christmas memory last

Written for the Season
ŠKegers and RaineyBlue1969



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