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The poems and short stories below I take no credit for writing. If you know who wrote these, 
please contact me and I will give credit or remove immediately


I Have Learned

Letting Go


Every Man and Every Woman

Thoughts and Poems

ABC's Of Friendship

 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

To Believe


May You Always Feel Loved

Lifes Colors


 Spend Your Marbles Wisely

 The Size of Your Heart

Roses for Rose

Ugly the Tomcat

For Today

 Footprints in your Heart 

Think of Those That Love You


Life is a Miracle

 If I Could Catch a Rainbow

 If the World was Blind


Happiness is a Journey

The Dress

Don't Quit

A Mother's Prayer

Today's Joy

As My Child Sleeps

 The ABC's That Make Dreams

A Place for Me


 Footprints Further Down the Beach  

One of These days

 Focus on the Lesson

Love and Daffodils Forever

Strength vs. Courage

Daddy's Day

Gift of Picking up the Pieces

I Shall

 Choose Your Words Well

Minor..Traveling Unattended

Never Forget

A Rose Within

 The Most Beautiful Flower

Love is Never Silent

To Laugh Often and Much

A Commencement Speech

God's Perfection

 May You Always Have an Angel 

Where Does Mom Keep Her Memories

You Are

Write in the Sand

The Friend Who Stands By

Don't Let Go of Hope

Beginning Today

Reflection of You

Dreams of Peace

I Want to be at Peace

Sometimes people come into your life

The Man in the Glass

A Soldier's Christmas

Irish Blessing




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