Lifes Colors


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Life's Colors was written for me by a very special friend, Lisa
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Life is a Color I come to know.
I Look back and I see the sky of long ago!

How I long to see that shade of blue once more,
Of the seasons I recall.

So soft so ever new,
In my eyes of yester years gone by.

I recall the grass so green,
Life's new seasons has renewed.

The Childhood memories of the touch
of life's green pastures of long ago.

Oh how wondrous I recall.

I long to see the Ocean Blue,
With many a colors I recall.

It had the beauty to its depths.

I can still see the color of its waves
as they wash the sand of all its grain.

The waves have seen my life's colors
 before my eyes of ole.

I still recall the colors of long ago.
But the Beauty of colors still
 remind my eyes today.

For they show me of life's Journey through
 Gods Loving paint brush of life.


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