Happy Holidays  


Happy Holidays

It's that time of year
The day is coming and it's almost here
Christmas time with all the cheer
Ten, nine, eight, we count down the days
Getting more excited as it nears
Pretty lights of red, blue and green
Covering the roof tops and Christmas trees
Lights flickering, roving and twinkling
Signs of the holiday that is coming near
Songs of the season we love to hear
Dashing through the snow
Sleds, ice skates, and winter coats
Kids making their choices of gifts
Hoping to get all on their Christmas list
The day finally arrives
Waking and running to the tree
To see what Santa left for you and me
Stockings stuffed with treats and goodies
Shaking and rattling the presents
Trying to guess before opening
The gleam on ones face
As they get what they wished
Thanking Santa for answering their list
All the little children trying to sleep
Waiting to hear Santa arrive on Christmas eve
Thoughts and wishes dancing in their mind
Wondering in the morning what they will find
Awake way before the dawn's sunrise
With much anticipation awaiting each surprise
Smiles will cover their faces and fill their eyes
Christmas is such a happy time of life when you are a child
As the kids sleep
Santa creeps in eating the cookies and treats
Checking his list and checking it twice
To see who's been naughty or nice
Leaving a bag of coal to those not on his list
So you better be good for goodness sake
Yes, once again it is that time of year
We feel the presence of Christmas near
The stocking all hung in place
Seeing the excitement on passing faces
Family and friends showing their love and care
A time to enjoy and a time to share
Memories we shall treasure forever
Christmas time and getting together
Precious times and blessed days
To each and everyone, Happy Holidays

With Love from the hearts of
ŠKegers and RaineyBlue1969

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