ABCs of Friendship




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A Friend is someone who.....

Accepts you as you are~

Believes in you always~

Calls you just to say "hello"~

Doesn't give up on you ever~

Envisions the whole of you~

Forgives your mistakes~

Gives unconditionally~

Helps you when you need it~

Is always there for you~

Just likes being with you~

Keeps you close at heart~

Loves you for who you are~

Makes a difference in your heart~

Never judges you~

Offers support~

Picks you up when you are down~

Quiets your fears~

Requires nothing of you~

Says nice things about you~

Tells you what you need to hear~

Understands you~

Values you~

Walks beside you~

X-plains things you don't understand~

Yells when you won't listen~

Zaps you back to reality~

Author Unknown



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