Message From God




Message From God

In times of trouble
When you're lonely and sad
No one to talk to, nowhere else to turn
Feel like giving up
Think and dream of good things

There's no need for tears
For I am right there with you
Feel my arms surround holding you close
Dry your eyes and let go of the fear
Give to me all your troubles and woes
Just trust and believe everything will be ok

Tomorrow is a brand new day
And full of good things everywhere
I say to you, just open your eyes and look
Let the sun shine on you and start your day
With a smile upon your face
Believing in everyway it will be a beautiful day
For I am Almighty God
And I am with you always
Even till the end of time
Giving you all My Love and Grace

İRobert Small (Kegers)

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Original Midi Composed and Sequenced
by Andy Klapwyk
Used with written permission



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