Magic Moments

A mysterious power, something that produces extraordinary feelings or results. I have had many magical moments, some lasting longer than others. Here are some of the things that have brought those moments into my life.

How about you?

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The quality I find most admirable in people always brings "Magic"

The Steelers have not only brought me, but the city of Pittsburgh many moments. One of the most memorable was the Franco Harris "Immaculate Reception" 25 years ago. What a day at the stadium! They continue to bring magic

The songs "Unchained Melody" and "Power of Love" are always "Magic" to me.

Those Three "Magic" Words

My Computer.............Most of the time

And then............I have had these "Magic" moments


Peter Pan


My wish for all of us is to hold on to the part of us that is like Peter Pan, remaining child like enough to see the magic that is all around us everyday, If we open our hearts to what is IN us.

If we look OUTside of ourselves to feel the magic, I think we will miss many



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