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Like a flower bursting forth with fragrance in the spring time

Having a friend like YOU

More beautiful than the
masterpiece of a rainbow stretching
across the vastness of the sky

An overwhelming, consuming feeling that makes the lips smile and the heart sing.

Being with you

Timeless, it's the memory of yesterday, the happiness of today, and the promise of tomorrow

Someone you can always lean on

Growing old along with me, the best is yet to be

The song in my heart

Everything that makes life worthwhile

Thinking of YOU

Having you by my side

Just the two of us

Someone very special...YOU


Having a mother like you

Having a father like you

Having a daughter like you

Having a son like you

Having a sister like you

Having a brother like you

Having a grandmother like you

Having a grandfather like you

Having a granddaughter like you

Having a grandson like you




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