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Song in my Heart

Never forget how much you are loved

Love is like a butterfly

Love Is

I Love You...Non Java

To you, from love

I Love You...Java

Thanks for making my dreams come true

I'm Toad~ally in love with you

Melts my heart

I Love You

Memories of the heart

Pretty little daisy

Love of a Lifetime

Love Is

I'm missing you

Faithful to you

Thoughts of You


Love Comes to Stay

Now and Always

A song of the heart

Verse from the heart

Let it be me

Together Always

Sharing Words

Sharing life with you

Loving you completely

Whisper on the wind

Sharing of souls

Fall and Winter

A lifetime is not enough...Java

A lifetime is not enough...Non Java

A love so strong

With love from my heart

Forever I will love you


My Hearts Melody

Stepping Stones

These words I dedicate to you

The way you are

Unspoken Touch

Twenty Four Seven

Magic and Enchantment

Priceless Moments

Priceless friendship

Reflections of Love

Giving from the heart

Always here for you

Loving Harmony

Two hearts, two souls

Dreamy Thinking

A love meant to be

Special Dream

A declaration of love

Our love's journey

The essence of our love

Deep abiding love

Sentimental Devotion

Sunshine and Rainbows

The only one

Emotionally Devoted

I love only you

Always in my heart

Union of heart and mind

The way you love me

A loving lasting lifetime

A Blessed Gift

Dreams of You

Softly and sweetly


Our Nighttime Flight


Love is...

Love Flash Greetings


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