Christmas Thoughts



It's almost Christmas time with the stockings hung
As carols are sung
Everyone's heart is filled with joy
Especially all the little girls and boys
Wishes have been made
Letters to Santa have been mailed

At bed time the kids are tucked in
Hearing them talking of the fun soon to begin
With the excitement building no one wants to sleep
Listening for Santa, maybe taking a peek
With all the happy visions dancing in dreams
Looking forward to what the morning will bring
Behind closed eyes, little ones pretend to sleep

As the music plays with the sound of drums
We close our eyes and drift
Waking to the morning surprise
The stocking all stuffed and over flowing
The tree filled with presents just a glowing
Packages wrapped in colors so bright
Glistening under the twinkling tree lights

The kids awake first with an exciting thirst
Wake up ma, wake up pa
Santa has come and the fun has just begun
You pass out the presents with glee
Looking and watching to see
Everyone's faces as they tear them open

With smiles on their faces
Presents in the proper places
What a glorious Christmas day
Hugs and kisses and thank you's too
Laughter and weary sighs as the Christmas songs play
Eyes sparkling, pretty colored lights blinking
Everyone singing, everyone wishing
A very Merry Christmas to all

Sharing the joy of the holiday season, thoughts written from our hearts.
ŠKegers and Rainey

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