Santa's Big Day



The house all decorated with love and care
Flickering lights of red, blue, yellow, and green
One of the prettiest trees I have ever seen
Everyone getting excited, counting down the days
For Jolly Ole St. Nick is on the way

Bright twinkling lights, Ho, Ho, Ho heard in the distant night
Ice cycles gleaming from the roof tops
Hanging from the mantle, pretty colored socks
Cookies baking on a tray
Getting ready for Santa's big day
The angel shining bright on top of the Christmas tree
Pretty packages wrapped with bows of red and green

Up in the sky a star shines bright
Letting us all know of Christ's birth
I think to myself this is the greatest gift of all
As Yuletide happiness fills the earth
Let us not forget this time as the star lights the sky
That God above is looking over us with His Angels on high

Bedtime nears, little children ready to sleep
Watching all the pretty twinkling lights of red and green
Thoughts of Christmas day fill their heads
As they finally drift off safe in their beds
With smiles on their faces and their hearts filled with joy
Tis the season of happiness for all good girls and boys
And just before they start to dream
In the distance Santa fills his sleigh
With bells jingling, the reindeer start to sing
Santa is on his way, soon it will be Christmas Day

Penned with love from the heart for the Holiday's
Kegers and Rainey

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