My Treasured Valentine



On the fourteenth day of February
Lovers will celebrate and share
Candy, flowers, cards, jewelry
And maybe a ring
Showing each other how much they care
A time of joy and pretty things
On Valentine's Day, I know you'll be mine
As we celebrate and ponder
Thought's in our mind
Everyday of the year
I thank my lucky stars that you are near
On one special day in my heart
I'm so happy we are together to share and celebrate
What we really mean to each other
The time I will take making you feel special in every way
Letting you know you are surrounded
By love on this Valentine's Day
On this day, specially for lovers
Like you and me
I have something for you
Something that can't be said in a pretty card
That comes straight from my heart
All my love, I give to you
Assuring you it will last for a life time
To love you and be loved by you
Is my greatest happiness in life
Your words feed my soul
And your breath is my wine
Life began after I fell in love with you
These words and thoughts are all for you, my treasured Valentine
For you and you alone, make me feel alive

Kegers and Rainey
Written with loving Valentine thoughts from our hearts.

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