Friendship So Special



Friendship So Special

We have a friendship that's really quite new,
And, yet, I find it has become very special too.
Bonding that has so quickly occurred with you
Tells me this is that rare friendship so true.

We have found a way for our thoughts to share,
And a feeling that for each other we truly care.
At times, when life seems more than we can bear
We feel each others presence is always there.

Our differences are many, taken day by day.
For our ages we find it's December and May.
Years separate us, but, our hearts found a way,
For our souls have connected, that I must say.

This love we share really means a lot to me.
So, I know that friends we will always be.
It is a blessing from above you surely see.
I know in my heart that with this you agree.

I treasure the sweet thoughts you daily send.
Whenever you need me my hand I will extend,
And your troubles I will help you to mend,
For this is a friendship I know will never end.

Yes, we will be friends, I know, forever more.
Together, as friends, our souls will truly soar.
A friendship like ours, not known before,
Occurs as to our hearts we opened the door.

With a friendship like ours, you must hear,
Because of this computer, we are always near.
For our friendship is special, that is so clear.
You have a place in my heart forever my dear.

ŠKay Brewer
Used with permission


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