Just Because



Just Because

Just because relationships don't always turn out,
Doesn't mean I didn't love you!

Just because we had different other lives to consider,
Doesn't mean I never loved you!

Just because there were things I had to do,
to find out who really lives in this body!
Doesn't mean I quit loving you!

Just because all the people and events that occurred in our lives,
All the joy, sorrow, pleasure, pain, love, hate, learning, teaching, 
life and death, and so much more, means I love you even more!

Just because this journey in life has taken me somewhere else,
doesn't mean I stop loving you!

Just because we have gone our separate ways,
doesn't  mean I don't carry you with me!

In my heart and soul, and love and Forgiveness!
This is the true meaning of spiritual love! As he died  for Us!
And is no longer in body!
The  Holy Spirit  Remains Eternally!
So shall you  remain with me!
I Love you!
And in Love is where I find GOD



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Margi Harrell



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