A Mother's Prayer



USS Abraham Lincoln


Ink on a piece of paper is what I have in my hand. 
Words from my child..."I'm going to a strange land. 
I'm Government property now, have to serve my country." 

"Mom, I'm scared, I could die... 
Is it so wrong that I ask why? 
Mama, it was not supposed to be this way. 
Mom, please don't forget to pray." 

Ink on a piece of paper in my hand... 
They just bombed a ship in that strange land. 
Some died, some injured, some missing...presumed dead. 
I see the map; I see where my child is going... 

I have to put my trust in my Heavenly Father 
for He is all knowing. 
"Dear Lord, keep her safe, build her Faith, 
bring her home alive. 
Lord, I had a daughter.. who could know that 
she would go to another land? 
Lord, help me through this, help me to stand..." 

My Flag & Yellow Ribbon come out once again... 
Until all this fighting comes to an end. 

With a prayer in my heart and tears in my eyes... 
Please watch over my baby...don't let her die... 

"Lord, I turn to Your Face and reach for Your Hand, 
as I pray for my daughter in another land."

Written by Jo Fanning 10/13/2000 
Dedicated to my daughter, Shawna

Please email Jo for permission to use her poem.

Image of USS Abraham Lincoln from 
NavSource Naval History

Permission Granted by Joe Radigan, MACM, USN, Ret.




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