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Inspirations, Encouragement, and Life's Wisdoms


The Seven Ups

 Dusty Shoes

A true look at life

Love, Charity, Forgiveness

Life is like a piece of cake

We may not realize

A Dozen Roses

Roses of Life

Take Time

New Beginnings

Beginning Today

Take time to see

How are you?

Hold on to

If I could give a gift to you

God unfolds each day

Special Olympics

Grandfatherís Table

If I had my life to live over

I'm Special

Peace in the heart


Don't go to bed

I am responsible for myself

Do you need a brick?

I give to you


Believe in your heart

Meaning of Peace

Life's tug of war

The important things in life

Teddy Bear

Some people come into our lives

What you mean to me

LifeÖI learned from a jigsaw puzzle

True Peace


Today I smiled

The world is mine

Why Worry?

Priceless Gifts

I Feared

The face in the glass

Live a life that really matters


A Life Lesson

House Cleaning


Four Candles

I'm glad that I know you

The bend in the road

All that really matters

Pennies from heaven

A rainy night in New Orleans

The value of time

Words to live by


The stepping stone

The Pebble

During my life journey

Go gently with the flow

If I knew

The road to success


Little Things

A faithful dog

Bless You

I Choose

The Window

Thank you for your time

A Morning Prayer

Just Because

Donít miss the blessing

I Believe

I called tonight

Dear Lord

A prayer for you

Memo from God

Hello God

A Blessing

God won't ask

God has all the answers

Dear God

I ask God to bless you

God Knows

God's Artwork

Donít say youíre not important

Is it any wonder

Even when you canít see Him

An angel named Cheyenne

Someone Special

A prayer of thanks

The Mirror

Dream to live

Message from God

A Special World

Cancer cannot





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