Angels Hugging Angels





Angels Hugging Angels

Have you ever found a friend
that just touches you deep inside?
You feel a special bond
that you simply cannot hide.
You give them a piece of your heart,
a view of what you are,
Sometimes they live close to you,
sometimes they live too far.
It really doesn't matter,
you were friends from the start,
Soon you realize their memory
is a piece of your heart.
You feel like they're an angel,
placed here just for you,
You are always amazed at
the sweet things that they do.
You don't have to see them
or talk to them every day,
To know that God has sent them
in His own special way.
How else could you explain,
this friendship and deep love?
It must be an angel,
sent from heaven above.
How can you love someone
you've never really seen?

Author unknown



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