Holiday Magic





Holiday Magic

Seems before we know it
The season has come again
And everyone is rushing around
Doing and getting their shopping done
The crowds we fight to find the best sales
Getting the best price before it's to late
So we can look back and see
The money we saved

Where does the time fly?
Here it is once again the season to buy
Stores and shops all decorated in lights
Santa and the elves staying up all night
Pushing and shoving to get the good buys
People going bonkers and wondering why
One thing on the list
That one special gift
Where oh where can I find it

The lines getting long before the store even opens
Grabbing a cart filling it to the top
Putting our hands on it before someone else can
Knowing if we don't,
Someone's Christmas may be a flop
Going to another store before it is past
Finding the right gift at last

Somewhere along the line
Christmas gets a little crazy at times
Shopping all through the day and night
Still not sure if each gift is just right
Feet hurting, tired as can be, eyes not so bright
Needing just to rest for a minute or two
Oh no, then there is the wrapping to do

Running in circles trying to keep up
Wrapping, cooking, got to have it all done
I'm in a hurry, stay outta my way
Thinking of something you need at the last minute
Throwing on an overcoat and rushing out
Getting to the store right before it closes
Can wear you down without a doubt

Through all the crowds we weed
Trying to find just exactly what we need
Just the perfect kind of thing
To fulfill that special someone's dream
All the hubbub seems worthwhile
When finally Christmas morning arrives
And when on the faces of the ones you love
You see that happy Christmas smile

At last Christmas Eve has arrived
The kids all bright and cheerful
Saying their last goodnight
As they leave out milk and cookies
For Santa
All snuggled in their beds
Hearing all the prayers said
Knowing when they wake
The tree will be packed with gifts
Waking Mom and Dad so happy and glad

Written for the Magical Holiday
ŠKegers and RaineyBlue1969



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