From the circle of my heart






The heart is much like a circle,
With no beginning and no ending;
And from within it's beautiful shape,
To you my love I will be sending.

In the heart I see human kindness,
That out weighs any hate or greed;
Please pass this heart of love and compassion,
So that others may too, plant their seeds....

The seeds of beauty, kind words and affection,
And the wish for a beautiful day;
A smile to lift up the spirit,
And give someone hope along the way.

And when Valentines Day is over,
May your heart still carry these things;
Filled with His endless forgiveness,
As on high His sweet angels will sing.

May the circle of the heart Keep on rolling,
Passed from this generation to another;
The teacher of the heart is so simple,
And it all began with His blessed Mother.

May the wonders of your heart fill the circle,
You know how much you are loved;
So this Valentine's day I am sending,
A circled heart that is blessed from above.

 Shirley Jean Pickens
Angels on your pillow



Table of Contents "Abby's Song" is copyrighted
by Dave Edwards and is used with permission.


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