My Dad, My Friend



The time has come to tell you Dad
Just what you mean to me
Someone I love with all my heart
How dear you'll always be.

Whenever I had a problem
And didn't know what to do
You lifted the burden from my heart
I knew I could come to you.

I could never fathom
Life without you Dad
You are my inspiration
A friend I've always had.

From a child of tender years
You taught me oh so much
You made me feel so special
With your kind and loving touch.

There used to be a time you know
When I would come to you
You'd take me in your loving arms
You knew just what to do.

To make my sad times go away
And happiness appear
You made me feel so special
You wiped away my tears.

As years go by and life goes on
I just want you to know
My feelings never changed dear Dad
Because I love you so.

ęGinny Bryant



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