Is it Christmas yet




Is It Christmas Yet

I've cleaned, scrubbed, cooked and wrapped
So many things to get
Boy, this is a lot of trouble
Tell me, is it Christmas yet?

I've shopped, fell out from exhaustion
Feel like I'm gonna cry
Been doing stuff for a month now
Say, has Christmas passed me by?

Got a bird in the freezer
And cakes ready to make
Before I do another thing
I've got to take a break.

The tree needs decorating
Not a minute for me to sit
My back is really killing me
Is it time for Christmas yet?

Got to find some get up and go
But I think it got up and went
I need to buy a few more things
But my money is already spent.

After pouting and complaining
And working from dusk til dawn
What!  You've got to be kidding me
Christmas has come and gone.....


ęGinny Bryant

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