For My Love


Never a day goes by my dear
That I don't think of you
So much love is in my heart
This I am sure you knew.

Yet somehow I wanted to tell you
You are as wonderful to me today
As you were the first time I met you
So this I want to say.

I will love you until there is no sun
To shine upon your face
And harvest the sparkle in your eyes
No one could take your place.

I live for you each day my dear
You are everything to me
I want to be your lover
And the best of everything I can be.

We will spend our life together
So much love we have to share
You mean so very much to me
We make a perfect pair.

So never think for one moment
That I don't feel the surging love
That the Lord bestowed upon us
From His Heaven up above.

Happy Valentine's Day


ęGinny Bryant



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