A Senior Christmas





A Senior Christmas

Got through trimming the Christmas tree
Call me clumsy that's OK
Fell down the ladder and hurt my knee
Trying to decorate anyway.

Now this isn't a Senior Moment
Please believe me when I say
I know what I am doing
Or I think so anyway.

I did get a bit confused you see
Made cookies for the tree
Used dog biscuits, sure looked like them
Guess what? The dog bit me.

Everyone makes mistakes now and then
I have only made a few
I wish I knew where the plug was
I don't know what to do.

How will I light my Christmas tree
Dog is eating my decorations
OK I made a big mistake
And now I'm foil to temptations.

OK I know what I will do
Go down to the dollar store
I'll buy a little table top tree
If I can only find the door.

Help! Someone help me!
Christmas is almost here
I need a tree decorated
Being late is what I fear.

Maybe this is a Senior Moment after all.
I really can't remember!!!


ęGinny Bryant


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