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Humor, Seniors, Nostalgia

When I was in my younger days

We must stop this sinister plot

Senior Moments

We must stop this immediately

Is this a senior moment

Swinging Granny

Poem for Senior Citizens

Grandma Shoes

A very weird thing

I'm Fine

Life After??

When I'm an old lady

I'm only mature


Generation Gap

Favorite Things

Retirement is great

Aerobics class for seniors

My twilight years

My forgetter's getting better

Did it again

Let me be

Here I come

A. A. A. D. D.

Here we go again

And another senior moment

Enough is enough

Thirty two and holding

Sat What?

It's that time of year again


Grandma's on the net again
Flash Image

Computer users over 40

You've got mail

This computer screen

I see you on my buddy list

The computerís swallowed grandma

12 Step Internet Recovery Program

Computer Cleaning

Weekly cleaning list

Thanks to you for your emails


Inner Strength

Dear Ma and Pa

A womanís life

Women or men?

I Don't Wanna

Philosophy on Housecleaning



Incredible numbers


It was good

Black and White

A Clothesline

This is how it goes

Trip down memory lane


Rockin' in the fifties

Out of the mouths of babes..





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