Thank You So Much 

This beautiful poem was written especially for me by a new friend . 

Please DO NOT take it. 

Lord I Found An Angel 

As I walk my fingers through the

world of computers Tonight, Lord

I found a precious Angel of yours.

I know she came from your garden

above, For this Angel holds your

light so brite, and warm.

Lord I found an Angel tonight, As

you have shared your love in this

world we live. So has this Angel

Lord for she gives life to every

person she meets.

This Angel ways are strong, and never


For this Angel has the knowledge of

your love.

Lord I found an Angel tonight, This

Angel is addicted to sharing her

dreams of love among all your

Children of the Garden above.

Thanks again Lisa for such a beautiful poem 

to dedicate to MY ANGEL FRIENDS and a few 

other Angel 's I have corresponded with


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