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Have a Beary Special Day

I love you Beary much!

You fill my heart with Joy.
I Love You

Hearts and flowers just for YOU!

You are Beary Special

I Love you
I Love you
I Love you

My dreams came true...The day I met YOU!

Love ya Lots!

You've always been there

You're the BEST!

You make the world a special place

Thinking of you with love


Please forgive me

I'm Beary Sorry

Keep your chin up

Good Luck

Welcome back. You were missed

Thank You Beary much

I miss you

Good Morning. Have a great day

Sweet Dreams


Happy Anniversary

Happy Birthday

Get well soon

Sorry I haven't written

Please write!

Can't wait till I see you again!

Thank you for a wonderful time

Thanks! Danke! Gracias! Merci! Arigato! Grazie!

Thinking of you...
...In all that you do

A friendship like ours is hard to come by

Some people just brighten the world...
Like YOU!

Thanks for being such a great friend

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