A dozen roses





I got a dozen roses
From a friend the other day;
But I only have 1 left,
For I gave them all away.

I gave one to my sister,
Who to me is very dear,
In hopes that it will bring to her
A little floral cheer.

I took one to a friend
Who's not feeling very well:
The flower or the visit--
Which helped more I could not tell.

One went to a friend
I haven't known for very long
She struggles, so in some small way,
I hope this helps her carry on.

The rest went to the ones
Who've helped me in so many ways;
They have been a cheerful presence
On my dreary days.

The Roses were so pretty
I just could not keep them all
Except one single bud standing
Beautiful and tall.

My friend gave me the flowers
To help brighten up my day,
But the biggest joy I received,
Was giving them away.

Author Unknown..



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Midi "Some Dreams Come True" is used with permission
and is copyright 2001
Bruce DeBoer


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