A little hug from me to you

My heart belongs to you

Happy Birthday

You make my heart sing

Good morning

Sweet Dreams

Good Morning

Good Night

Good Morning

Thinking of you

Peek-A-Boo...I love you

I'm Sorry

Wishing you a bright and sunny day

With love this rose is sent your way

A very big hug

Missing you

Someone is thinking about you

All the things that make you so special

Simple Words

You touch my heart

Love…Just one word

Just dropping by to say hi

Sweet Dreams

Thanks for being my angel

I just called to say I love you

You are often thought about

Thinking of you and the friendship we share

May your heart be filled with happiness today

When I'm with you...I can be me

Thinking about you...
Makes smiles come easy

Thinking of you...
and sending my love

I Love You, I Love You,
I Love You

A wish for you

Thank you for your friendship true

Have a great day






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