Christmas of Yesterday





I remember Christmases of my childhood,
Gaily wrapped gifts under the tree
Which was glimmering with rainbow lights,
And a bright yellow star at the top.
The smell of the tree gave off of freshness
Of clear mountain air full of thoughts,
The smell of freshly baked pies
Of pumpkin, mince, and apple,
The smell of a sweet ham simmering
And a tender turkey already roasted.
The carolers sang in front of our window
Filling my heart with such excitement,
Wondering what good gifts I would get,
Knowing I'd been a good boy all year.
I saw the heavens full of stars,
As we celebrated the Christ child's birth
And gave thanks for all we had,
As the snow began to silently fall
On another Christmas eve,
Being tucked away in a warm home
That was so full of love, joy, and happiness;
Yes, I remember my Christmases of Yesterday.


Bill Mann


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