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Kegers and Rainey...CLICK HERE

Joe Pielmeier

Evening Thoughts

A New Mascot (The nine miners)

Dreams and Realities

Invisible Friend

The Dreamer

Know your worth

Life's Promises

Patriot's Day

Patriot's Day Non Java

Master Painter

Let's Roll


Online Friends

Morning Ritual

Early Morning

Early Morning
 Non Java


Halloween's for everyone


Halloween Poem

Soon October will be over

Sandy Laurain
  Angel Wishes There is a reason  

Mack McGee

Prayer for Peace

Come to me

Where friendship resides


Francine Pucillo

Treasures of Friendship

Love Shared Reverently

 Shirley Jean Pickens

Dear God

My circle of E-mail friends

Hidden Treasures

Pieces of the past

Path to Forever

Sun Beam

My second chance

Find It

Burden Bear

With a ribbon in my hair

Dear Santa

I believe there is a heaven
Come sit with me Fall is in the air

A December to remember


Terri McPherson


In my prayers

Forever Friends

Just for you

Today is Important

You are a gem

Crazy about you


Lisa Jo Ewert

Dreams of Peace

Touching of Hearts

Your Guardian Angel

Ray of Sunshine

Kay Brewer

Simple Words

Friendship so special

Cyber Neighbors

New Fangled Toy

Gloria Martel

Daughter, I wish you love this Mother's Day

Book of Memories

True Friends


Saying Goodbye

To my Valentine

Thank you Lord My twilight years
Butterflys and angels      

Carol Gough Lust

Pretty little daisy

Checking E-mail

A garden of hearts

Leprechaun Blessings
The Magic Shamrock Let's meet
Thank you online friend Good Morning
Have a
 Spook-tacular Halloween

Have a "Batty"
Happy Halloween

Wake up Sleepy

Have A Bewitching Halloween

Rose Marie Streeter
Teddy bear and roses Morning Blessings Good Morning Sleepy eyes Food for thought
Carol Barton
Friendship Garden Teddy bear hugs Purrfect Friend Friendship Rainbow
True friend You're special to me Have A Bewitching Halloween  


One sweet smile

A friend like you

Someone Special

Marilyn Ferguson

Tsunami Disaster Prayer

To God, I'm Thankful    

Stephanie Fett


Peace Speaks

Elaine V. Hall

In my mind Iím still 21

You'll always have my heart

A friend like you

The Upward Climb

Iím glad thereís you

The Silent Soldiers My special computer friend  

Bill Mann

I only ask you

Coming of Spring

Garden gate of love

Always giving

Love's Light

Finding A Home In The Sands of the Heart

Write your love in the sands of my heart

That special friend

Memories of the heart

Let me come to you

Get Well

Christmas of Yesterday

And it came to pass

Always here for you

Touching Hearts

My love, waiting

Life's treasured friends

Only to love you

Life's dream fail

Why I believe in you

In Memory's garden

Golden Moments


Fred Kelley

Karleen Gallant

Ruth Osborne

Brenda Buxton

The Little Rose

Footprints in our hearts

Can I make it one more day

The Lighthouse

Fran Gaines

The Reasons

At Twilight Time

Why God gave us friends

Seeds of friendship

Autumn Blessings




John Colpo

Kathy Kane Hansen

As I Leave


I have learned


Marty Ford

Trish Thompson

God's Artwork

As two As one



James "PoppyK" Kisner  

Butterfly Dust

Sunny Today

Roses for Rose


Cindy Walton

The Wedding Band


Joan Adams Burchell

Welcome Autumn

The Box


Counting my blessings

Grandmaís Recipe

Lessons in the sky

Angels and Friends

I'm in my garden

An Idea


Marian Jones

Cyber Friend

Night Fall

True Friend

The Little Things

God's Gifts


The arrival of Christmas

A loyal friend


Angels all around

A Perfect Friend

A Cherished Friend

Brenda Conley

How could I not believe?

Treasures of the heart

My Greatest Friend

The dusty bible remains

Vickey Stamps

Fabric of Love

Granny's Crazy Quilt

America and the miners


James Herbert Henderson

Grace Malara-Aiello 

Ralph Clark

There's Poetry in the Air

The Lighthouse

Tammyís Song

In the way good friends do

Robert (Souljumper1)

Mary Hession

Just Because


Let peace be in your heart

Our Guardian


Alan Bansemer


A little more life

 BJ Morbitzer

Thanks for always being there

To Touch the Heart

Cyber Friends

Life without Friendship

The gift of Friendship

Cherished Friends


Thegentlemanpoet and PoetsWoman

A Sinner's Prayer

Black Spirit...White Spirit



Debra Crowley

Glenna M. Baugh

My Mother

The Promise

What father's are made of

Words we speak


Carol McAdoo Rehme

Karen L. Brookbank

My Grandmother

Keeping the Harvest

Fire Flies

 Helen Steiner Rice

How to find happiness

Memory Builds

Magic of Love

Where there is love





Steve Goodier

You are "A People"

Real Freedom

Something you can't fake


Erma Bombeck

If I had my life to live over

When God created fathers

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