A Special World



Crippled, lame, and blind
Locked away in their own world
Other people have no idea
What they see and feel
Ones that have no sight
See the world in their mind
As they wish it could be
Wanting love from you and me

Ears that hear no sound
Yet feel the motions all around
Eyes that see no light
Left alone in this plight
A mind that doesn't comprehend
A body that needs a helping hand
Reaching out to you or me
Asking for love unconditionally

The developmentally disabled
Are human and have needs just as we
Just because some are lame
And can't really walk or talk
Doesn't make them
Any different than you and I
I know and feel What some do
Because I myself, have a handicap too

Voices talking, they can hear
Yet no one is standing near
Looking at you with eyes so fair
Hoping you are someone who cares
When they hurt, they cannot speak
Their expressions you have to be able to read
Praying that you will understand their needs,
wishes and dreams
Developmentally Challenged that might be
Yet they still can feel

So if you think
You are better than them
Just remember
In an instant, a blink of an eye
You could be just as them
And in the end
Be as one in a chair
The developmentally challenged
Wishing someone cared

Kegers and RaineyBlue1969

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Original Midi "Hope"
 by Margi Harrell



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