God has all the answers



Although you're tired and weary
Just rest the whole night through
As God gives us the mornings
To see all things anew.
For things look so much brighter
When they're slept on a while
You wake up in the morning
And soon you want to smile.
You look and see the sunshine
The bright blue sky above
You wonder why you fretted
And you know God is love.
With all this to surround you
There's naught but this to say
And so with song you praise Him
Give thanks for this new day.
Yes, God has all the answers
To problems big and small
We only have to tell Him
He's at our beck and call.
So we must take our burdens
And lay them at His feet
Then trust unto His wisdom
That all our need He'll meet.

Author unknown 


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Hope by
Margi Harrell




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