Angel Wings


Angel Wings

In the early morning light
I awake to find a memory lingering
Feeling the presence of something
Lightly brushing across my face
Embracing my very being
I hear no sounds
As the lingering surrounds
I arise from my thoughts and dreams
Feeling the morning sun
upon my face
A spirit fills my heart with memory
As I reach for that embrace
Warming from the sun it becomes a reality
The soft brush of angel wings is what I feel
Pure spirit brought from love afar
A presence felt deep in my heart
Filling a partial void
This awakening without a voice
Encircling my being with tenderness
Angel wings
Lightly brushing me
Embracing my heart with memory 



Table of Contents

Original Midi "Mist"
Composed and Sequenced
by Andy Klapwyk
Used with permission


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