Angels everywhere



An angel here,
 an angel there,
 I'm surrounded by angels,

 When I'm in the middle
 of a terrible storm
 they come with their candles
 to keep me warm.
 An angel to comfort,
 an angel to guide,
 an angel to fill
 that dark hole inside.
 An angel to cry on,
 an angel who cares,
 I'm surrounded by angels,
 The angels who reach out
 when times are rough
 who’ll listen to my heartache
 and all kinds of stuff.
 Bright in the sunshine
 and in dark of night
 the angels surround me
 with comforting light.
 I guess God is busy
 and can't come on down
 To give me a smile
 and take care of my frown.
 So He sent a few angels
 to brighten my day
 and help to carry
 my burdens away.
 So thank you,
 dear angels,
 more than you'll know
 for watering the happiness
 and making it grow!

~Author Unknown~




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