Angel Friend



Angel Friend

Through those golden gates
You must have slipped right through the guards
Landing you here one fine day
I hope you didn't land too hard

When you arrived from those clouds on high
Escaping from your mansion in the sky
There has to be an angel missing
The one that has brought me so many blessings

Filling my days with smiles and sunshine
Making my nights shiny and bright
Filling a void I felt within
That is what I have found with you, my angel friend

With your bright eyes
Your sweet loving smile
Your funny kind of wit
God better count his angels quick

A friendship like yours is a rare find
And I thank God your friendship is mine
I once felt sad and alone
Now my life is full of joy from the friendship you have shown

God sure does know what he is doing up there
Sending you to me full of love and care
When God put his angels together
He must have known I would need you forever

I know the heavens are missing an angel
One that has been sent to me
Filling my life completely
From beginning to end

I know the heavens a little emptier without you
But I now have a brighter grin
I know God is missing a special angel
Because I have found a wonderful friend



Table of Contents

Original Midi "Visions"
Composed and Sequenced
by Andy Klapwyk
Used with written permission


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